At Beaulieu we take great pride in our uniform and we expect our students to wear their uniform smartly at all times.

All of our Secondary uniform items are available to purchase from:


No. 3 Les Quennevais Parade

St Brelade

Please telephone 742649 if you have any enquiries. You can also order online at: www.jssk.co.uk

Non-bespoke items, such as socks or tights, may also be purchased from any supplier that provides items that meet with the exact requirements of the School.

Below is a list of all uniform items required for the 2019 – 2020 academic year:

Winter uniform

  • Navy blue blazer, with school crest on pocket.

  • Navy waterproof jacket (optional).

  • (The P.E. waterproof may be worn as an alternative jacket).

  • Checked skirt, no shorter than 2 cms above the knee.

  • White open necked rever blouse, short or long sleeved.

  • Navy blue v-necked jumper with stripes at neck.

  • Plain navy scarf with school crest (optional).

  • Plain navy gloves (optional).

  • Navy blue opaque tights.

  • Sensible, supportive black shoes with low heels (no trainers or 'Vans' type shoes).

Summer uniform

  • Summer dress – no shorter than 2 cms above the knee (compulsory item must be worn after the Easter holiday until October half term only). To be worn with white socks, black shoes, (no jumpers to be worn with the summer dress) and blazer.

  • Navy blue blazer, with school crest on pocket.

  • School bags must be appropriate for the transportation of books and of a colour appropriate to Beaulieu's uniform code. Consideration should be given to the Health and Safety benefits provided by a bag with two shoulder straps for support.· Handbags and 'fashion bags' and any bags of a garish colour are not allowed.

  • Raincoats, blazers and scarves must not be worn during lessons.

Non-uniform items will be confiscated and returned at the end of each half term.

Sports kit

  • Sky blue polo shirt with embroidered Beaulieu crest on left chest.

  • Navy blue sweatshirt with embroidered Beaulieu crest on left chest.

  • Navy blue shorts with crest

  • Full zip training top with crest

  • Tracksuit bottoms in navy

  • Hooped sky and navy blue football / hockey socks.

  • Predominantly white lace-up trainers, supportive and suitable for all activities.

  • White ankle sports socks.

  • Shin pads with ankle padding suitable for hockey and football.

  • Gum shield (needed for hockey from September).

  • 4 tennis balls (low pressure), for summer term.

  • Boot bag / drawstring bag.

  • House t-shirt to be worn for all Inter House Sports events.

Optional Items

  • Skort in navy with crest - for team members only

  • Sports legging in navy with BCS on left leg (for winter only to be worn under tracksuit bottoms to and front School.

  • Showerproof jacket with crest

All uniform must be clearly named. On PE days girls will come to school wearing their PE kit. The full zip top and tracksuit bottoms must be worn to and from School.


Earrings (one pair of small studs only).

Nose studs and multiple piercings are not allowed at Beaulieu and students will be asked to remove nose studs and additional earrings, regardless of when the piercing has been done.

Jewellery is restricted to a wristwatch and one pair of small stud earrings (not hooped), worn in the ear lobe. A small cross or crucifix is also permitted as a religious symbol, not a fashion accessory. Additional earrings, rings, bracelets, anklets and necklaces are not allowed.

All of the above items must be removed for PE lessons, so ear piercing must be undertaken at the beginning of the summer holidays not at the beginning or during a term.

Note: any other item of jewellery will be confiscated and kept until the end of each half term, or collected by a parent.

Make-up and nail varnish are not allowed. Nail varnish remover and make-up wipes will be provided if necessary. Hair must be a natural colour and worn in a simple style suitable for school.

Braiding and beading are not allowed.

Hair accessories size and colour must blend appropriately with the School uniform.

Note: any make-up or inappropriate hair accessories will be confiscated.


Mobile Phones

Students are allowed to bring mobile phones into School but they must not use the phone or text services during the school day. Each student must take responsibility for their phone. Mobile phones will be confiscated if students are found to be using them for non-educational reasons (without the permission of a teacher) during the school day.

Whilst on school premises Sixth Form students are only permitted to use the phone and text services on their mobile phones in the Common Room.

Parents are not permitted to contact their children via their mobile phones during the school day. Parental contact must be arranged and monitored through the office staff. Parents are expected to support the School in ensuring that the above procedure is carried out.

The following are not allowed on School premises:

  • Cigarettes

  • Drugs, alcohol or other harmful substances (immediate suspension and likelihood of exclusion)

  • Magazines not required for a specific lesson

  • Chewing gum

  • Hair straighteners

Electronic devices may be brought into School only when instructed by the teacher for use in their lessons. They are not to be used outside lesson time and, like mobile phones, are the sole responsibility of the student. Recording on School premises must only be carried out by prior instruction from the teacher. Sixth Form students may use them in their Common Room only.

Only small amounts of money should be brought to School. Any necessary large amounts must be placed in a named wallet or envelope and handed in at Reception for safe keeping.

Named lost property will be returned to students. Un-named articles will be held in Reception. Items still not claimed at the end of term will be disposed of or sent to the second-hand uniform shop.


Any confiscated items, including mobile phones, will be held in Reception and can only be collected by parents. Any items that have not been collected will be returned to students at the end of each half term.

The School will not accept responsibility or be held liable for any items which are brought into School and subsequently damaged, lost or stolen.

Sixth form

Students in the Sixth Form must be smartly dressed in a plain black suit (with trousers, skirt or a dress) with a plain coloured blouse. Suit jackets must be with students at all points during the school day. Smart, plain black shoes of a sensible height should be worn. Jumpers are usually unnecessary, but a black jumper may be worn on cold days under the suit jacket.

On days when practical sports, drama or dance take place, students should wear normal uniform to School then change into the Sixth Form PE kit or Performing Arts kit. Shower facilities are available, if required.

Nose studs, body piercings, tooth gems, excessive make-up and numerous earrings are not permitted. Hair must be a natural colour and a suitable style for School.

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