Student Consultative Council

The School Council is very much a part of School life.

Initially, Mentor representative elections take place within Mentor Groups. Once Mentor representatives have been elected (6 in each year from Years 7-11, 3 in Years 12 and 13) the students involved will be included in a year group election to vote for the two representatives per year who will join the School Council.

The School Council therefore consists of twelve representatives across the year groups, the Head Girl who chairs the meetings and Miss Jehan and Miss Gunner. The Council meets every two weeks.

Over the past couple of years, the Student Council has put forward student views on a number of issues, including enhancements to Cafe Beau. Its greatest success to date has been its involvement in the refurbishment of the toilet and cloakroom areas in the Upper and Middle School buildings to incorporate new mirrors, sanitary provision and more aesthetically pleasing soap. The students in the Secondary Department were consulted regarding colour schemes.

The Council raised approximately £1,000 towards the refurbishment costs through ice cream sales in the summer term and a disco event for Years 6 and 7.

Who knows what they will decide to do this year - watch this space!

'It is interesting to listen to the opinions, views and ideas from all years and to discuss and debate a way in which to try and implement these into the School. It is rewarding to see these ideas being put into practice and it is important that the students have a say in school life.'

Melissa Bertram - Head Girl 2015 - 2016 and Chair of the Council

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