Romania Trip

About the team:

We are a group of 12 teenagers aged 16-18 that call ourselves ‘Aid Romania’ and we’re devoted and passionate about raising funds for those there struggling in poverty. We aim to raise enough money for food supplies, help to repair buildings for people who need warmth and shelter, and make the people feel as though there is still hope and love to be given. We aspire to raise this money for those struggling and living in difficult conditions. We’ve found, during our time in Romania, that even the smallest gift can mean the entire world. We want to use our privilege of education and health to provide the same to those who did not choose to be born into a life lacking such essentials.

During our time over there our team were told, “Often, people who have the least give the most” and we saw first hand the truth of this sentence. It was heartbreaking to see those with virtually nothing try to give us their possessions as an act of kindness and love; this is one of the many reasons as to why we were encouraged to arrive back to Jersey and try raise enough funds to help even slightly over there.

Specifically, the money will go towards bread distributions (£3000 ensures that those living in the Oradea villages are provided with a bag of bread throughout the year) and repairing houses to make more comfortable living conditions.

We hope to be able to feed those who are hungry, provide comfortable shelter, possibly buy heaters or repair roofs/walls to keep in warmth as well as give a sense of hope for each individual that feels like letting go. We would appreciate it if you could donate as much or as little as you can, because every penny counts!

£50 can implement an entire day of distributing bread, and £100 can buy 1 heater for a household suffering in the cold.

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A couple of stories of those we met:

Meet Maria -

Maria and her father live in the trailer facility built by Mustard seed. While Maria’s father commutes to work from their home, her mother works at an orphanage a few hours away. Because of this, the family are not often together. Maria also has a brother who, because the family could not afford to care for both children, is currently living in a foster home in Berlin. Maria attends the homework club in the centre of Oradea set up by Mustard Seed. This club provides a safe environment for her to enjoy herself with other children, and to learn and develop skills. However, this club is hours away from her home, and so if transportation from the supervisors of the club is not available, Maria would have to walk or not go at all. Maria’s father voiced that he wished for an electric bike to make his commute to work easier.

Meet David and his family -

David is a young boy who lives with his 3 brothers and his mother in Oradea. They have a small home that consists of two rooms, and they sleep together on two large mattresses on the floor. David, his older brother Antonio, and his younger brother patrick, all attend the youth club/homework club run by mustardseed and a small trio of volunteers. They have a lengthy walk to get there, but the youth club allows them to have fun with friends, develop key skills, and allow the individual to have freedom and attention that they perhaps do not get at home.

Their older brother is around 17 years old, and helps with his mother at home. This family benefit greatly from the food bags that are sent out by Mustard Seed Romania and Caritas. Jersey’s Aid Romania trips have been visiting David and his family at christmas for around 5 years now.

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