Student Consultative Council

The School Council is a group of children who represent their peers and bring forward their views to improve the School and its environment.

Membership of the School Council is made up of two pupils from each class from Reception through to Year 6. The selection of members takes place during the autumn term and students are given the opportunity to make campaign speeches. These are then followed by a polling day. The pupils elected are different each year. A Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary are also voted for each year.

The School Council has been running since 2007 and their achievements have grown each year. At meetings, Council members decide what they can do to improve the School, based on feedback from their class mates through questionnaires and surveys. The Council raises funds for many charities and it is up to members to decide which charities to support throughout the year, through discussions with their peers. Meetings are held regularly so that pupils have a chance to put forward ideas and questions.

The School Council is very active and over the past few years they have:

  • Held special assemblies.
  • Been present to meet and greet guests and parents on open days / visits.
  • Held charity days - a purple day for Great Ormond Street Hospital and an orange day for Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Organised and run cake sales

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