Primary School Library

We are extremely lucky and proud of our School Library.

It is bright and inviting and has over 12,000 titles. Not only does the Library house an excellent range of literature and information texts, but it is also a place where pupils can enjoy working independently, in groups or with their teachers.

The Library provides a stimulating environment with a wide range of multi-media resources that encourage even the youngest pupils to develop reading skills and discover that learning can be fun. In doing this, the Library not only supports the formal curriculum but, by promoting learning for pleasure, lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Library skills need to be introduced to pupils from an early age and practised throughout their school career.

Through our Library we aim to:

  • Enrich pupils' reading experiences and develop pupils' skills as independent learners
  • Provide resources and information required by teachers and pupils
  • Extend pupils' reading experiences
  • Discover and use new information
  • Enable pupils to learn research skills
  • Support the teaching and learning process, and extend the School's curriculum
  • Have skilled, enthusiastic staff with time allocated for library duties
  • Have up-to-date, attractive and suitable resources in a range of media
  • Use our funding so we can continue to develop and grow resources
  • Present an interesting and stimulating environment.

Where young minds thrive