Head of Primary's Welcome

On behalf of the staff of Beaulieu Primary School, I welcome you and your family to our School website.

Beaulieu Primary is a special place where our dedicated staff members work tirelessly to providing a stimulating, rich and exciting environment where everyone feels valued and safe, where ideas can flourish and pupils can reach their full potential. Over the years, the School has developed an excellent reputation and fine tradition; many 'old girls' choose to send their own children here or decide to work here themselves!

All parents want their child or children to be happy. They look for a school where their child will thrive, succeed academically and socially in a loving and caring environment - Beaulieu is that school.

A young child is inquisitive and full of questions. By providing a broad and balanced, creative and engaging curriculum we develop our pupils' love of learning. At Beaulieu, as well as a broad and balanced curriculum, we offer an ethos where every pupil can develop and fulfil their potential and talents, where teachers encourage the children to discover and enjoy these talents and develop a passion for learning. We also encourage the children to explore, ask questions and work harmoniously, by offering opportunities for everyone to succeed; we all celebrate and share in their joy and delight. This gives the children a wonderful self-assurance and confidence to look after one another and care for their community.

Our students work together, delighting in the achievement of others, as well as their own. A Beaulieu pupil is industrious, open-hearted and courageous. We encourage them to develop strength in self-discipline and the capacity to live responsibly, making effective contributions to their community.

As our pupils move on to our Secondary School they do so with an excellent academic foundation, with deep and lasting friendships, secure in their own ability, proud of their achievements and confident to meet any challenge.

We also believe that we can only achieve the best for our pupils by working closely with parents and carers. There are many opportunities for parents to share their child's education and visitors are always warmly welcomed into the School.

I look forward to welcoming you and your child to our School and sharing the pride that we feel, in all that we do here at Beaulieu.

Mrs Andrea Firby

Head of Primary

Where young minds thrive