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Our Values, mission and ethos

The Beaulieu Family places faith at the centre of our School community. The Gospel Values help us navigate social, moral and spiritual issues and are central to Beaulieu’s mission and our four core values.

Our mission

Beaulieu is a caring educational community where each student is welcomed and valued. This Catholic school provides a Christian environment in which opportunities are offered to each student to develop their talents to the full.

Faith at our core


Our students achieve excellent academic results, but this is not our sole focus. We provide a wealth of opportunities and expect our students to embrace them. Lifelong friendships, love of learning, a passion for innovation and technology and a commitment to service, mean our students are ready for the world and eager to make a difference.


At Beaulieu, we promote respect for the School, its community and our wider society. We acknowledge diversity and are kind and welcoming to those around us.


We encourage our students to put everything into every task. We know that we are better when we work together. We look beyond the curriculum to develop a wide range of skills and talents that constantly surprise and delight teachers, parents, the community and even the students themselves.


A Beaulieu student is on a journey to adulthood. We challenge our students to be the very best they can be and encourage them to find their own voice and to question injustice and push for the highest standards.

'The kindness, smiles and trust that the teachers provide encourage pupils to feel confident and happy'

Sixth Former

Sammy Sekirsky talks about Faith

Molly McLaughlin talks about Challenge

Sophia O'Sullivan talks about Opportunity

Hannah Richardson talks about Respect

Daisy Pendergast talks about Endeavour