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Results and academics

Innovative teaching methods and a keen focus on real world issues.

Results of which to be proud

Talent comes in many varieties and is often unexpected and surprising, even to parents. Whatever shape it takes, we know that recognising and nurturing this talent fuels not only enthusiasm and self-belief, but also academic achievement. Very capable students will be stretched, whilst those with specific academic needs will be fully catered for, ensuring every pupil has the opportunity to shine.

Our students consistently achieve excellent examination results, comparing very well with other schools, not just in Jersey, but across the UK. Whether a student’s passion lies in the Sciences, Maths, English, Humanities, Languages, or they prefer Business, PE, Home Economics or the Arts, Beaulieu is ready to provide a stimulating, challenging and yet nurturing environment, in which students can learn and succeed, safe in the knowledge they will be fully supported at each stage of their educational journey.

Getting the best results

Our students frequently enjoy an excellent pass rate at both GCSE and A Level, with many regularly achieving grades at the highest level. Our high attaining students are well catered for, supported and challenged by both their subject teachers and Mentors. Students regularly apply for very popular courses like Medicine and Veterinary Science, or highly sought after Universities such as Oxford.