Our Development Plans

We have ambitious plans for the future of Beaulieu.

Working closely with the Foundation Trustees, the Beaulieu Trustees and the Senior Management Team of Beaulieu, the Beaulieu Foundation has been supporting a number of key projects that will seek to provide enhanced facilities for students at Beaulieu.

The Foundation Campus Development Appeal

In 2015 the Beaulieu Foundation launched the Campus Development Appeal to raise funds to enable the planned enhancements to take place.

Over £500,000 was raised through this Appeal, enabling us to complete the following:

The development of a car free central campus with enhanced Wellington Road entrance, pillars, gates and a shelter, providing a safe and stimulating environment for students to play and learn. The extra space made available by the removal of cars provides ample space for our outdoor recreation or 'green' area, furnished with planters and seating, that can be enjoyed socially by students during break and lunch time and utilised by teachers during the working day to provide an alternative learning environment.

We are now focused on the following in the coming years:

  • Development of the undercroft of the Jubilee Building to Provide three extra classrooms
  • Development of a new Secondary School gymnasium, off the side of the Primary Gym, to provide a full sized sports hall, dance studio and offices.
  • Introduction of an enhanced Cafe Beau and development of a dedicated Sixth Form Centre

Other successes

Refurbishment of the Secondary Science Suite

Completed in September 2014, the renovated Secondary Science Suite provides a new science laboratory and a new preparation room, both essential to meet new Single Science curriculum requirements. This provision benefits both Primary and Secondary students.

Refurbishment of the Primary School

The refurbishment of the Primary School transformed the learning experience for Primary students, with a new façade and windows and improved insulation. Key Stage One students really benefit from the secure outside learning space and all students and staff take great pride in the building renovations and playground development.

Renovation of our Performing Art Studio

Beaulieu's Drama and Performance Arts Department has always been very rich both in terms of the quality of its teaching staff and the raw talent of its hard working and dedicated students. It is also rich in terms of its physical resources, following a move for the Department, into what historically use to be the ballroom of the old Manor house which is now the Main House. According to Sister Marie-Louise, legend has it that Queen Victoria has danced in that very room!

The renovated space is invaluable for students to learn in, experiment and create. The Studio boasts a bespoke wooden floor, with sprung underlay, which is like dancing on silk. There is also a wall of mirrors that can be used for Dance or physical Drama work and a curtain for moments when the room is needed for more introspective work. The Studio is streamline, to provide as much space as possible for easy flow of movement amongst the students. The furniture is all on wheels so that there is complete freedom and flexibility within the layout of the room according to what learning is taking place.

The Studio is fitted with wifi and Apple TV to allow students to view their own work easily, completing self and peer assessment effortlessly and to enhance student research skills to develop more sophisticated and informed work on their own devices.

Development of our Learning Centre

We are very proud of our Learning Centre on the second floor of our Main House, which opened in November 2011.

In recent years we have been working to develop and invest in our approach to supporting students with specific and challenging earning needs. Time has been spent devising assessment strategies for students in our care to ensure any learning difficulties are identified as early as possible and that the most appropriate support is provided. Through our Learning Support Team we have focused on supporting students with difficulties such as Asperger's Syndrome, Dyslexia and a range of emotional and behavioural challenges.

The growing success of this provision meant that we needed to undertake further investment in the physical Unit to meet the demands. As a result, we developed our new and improved Learning Centre. The Centre comprises an external lift tower, an access ramp, three classrooms, a quiet room, an office and toilet facilities.

Students currently studying at either Primary or Secondary level can be comprehensively screened early on to ensure learning difficulties are detected quickly and the most appropriate support is provided.

The Centre has really made a big difference to the students in our care and we are now excited to move onto the next development plan.

Future projects

If you would like to help the Beaulieu Foundation with its development plans, either by donating funds or equipment or by volunteering your time, please contact Natasha Gaudin.

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