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Beaulieu first opened on 15th January 1951 with 56 students, including 25 boys. This year the new term began with over 830 students aged 3-19.

Since its opening the School has continued to thrive and the special relationship we share with present and past students and parents is very dear to us as a family and a Catholic school.

Beaulieu prides itself on being the caring face of academic excellence, where the dream to educate the whole person in a caring educational environment is not an aspirational notion but a reality. Although the ethos of the School is rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition, students from other religious denominations and faiths are made welcome in an inclusive community where students are encouraged to enjoy their school life, whatever their educational ability or religious or financial background, so that they are ready and able to play a full and responsible part in the wider community.

Alongside our vision is a huge responsibility, felt by those governing and guiding the School, to safeguard the future of Beaulieu and allow it to thrive for generations to come. If Beaulieu is to maintain the standards of excellence and community for which it is so well known, it is essential that we continue to provide facilities that will inspire our staff and encourage our students to flourish in our care.

With this view in mind, in November 2007, the Trustees of Beaulieu approved the formation of 'The Beaulieu Foundation'. It was established as an independent Trust in order to support the future capital development of Beaulieu Convent School and to work to safeguard and enhance the School for the future.

A board of Foundation Trustees was established to guide and support the Foundation's work. This board is currently chaired by Siobhan O'Sullivan, also a Trustee of the School, and the Foundation is honoured to have Sister Marie Louise as its Patron. The other Foundation Trustees are as follows:

• Chris Beirne

• John Scally

• Fiona Lawson

• Alastair Syvret

• Andrew Wignall

The Foundation has a number of priorities –

  1. Building a network to reconnect with past pupils, staff, parents and friends of the School, providing a real feeling of belonging to the Beaulieu community.
  2. Providing financial support for existing and prospective students through the development of bursaries and scholarships.
  3. Raising funds for capital development of the School's campus and facilities and to enhance curriculum and learning opportunities.

The Foundation team has worked hard to reconnect with past pupils, parents, past parents, past staff and friends of the school. The Foundation now has over 1,000 individuals registered as members, all of whom are keen to be involved in supporting the future development of Beaulieu and this figure is continually growing.

The Foundation team co-ordinates regular events to raise funds and to further support the building of a network of supporters of Beaulieu. Click here for details of recent events held and to find out about activities planned for the coming months.

In 2010 Natasha Gaudin (formerly O'Connor) joined the Beaulieu Foundation as its Head of Development. Working closely with the Foundation Trustees, the Beaulieu Trustees and the Senior Management Team of Beaulieu, in 2015 Natasha launched the Beaulieu Foundation Campus Development Appeal to raise funds to deliver a number of essential campus capital projects.

If you are not a Beaulieu Foundation member already, please consider joining us. We really value you and your support and will keep you informed of everything that is going on during the coming year. Please click on one of the links below to sign up:

Past pupil registration

Friend of Beaulieu registration

If you would like to help the Beaulieu Foundation with its development plans, either by donating funds or equipment or by volunteering your time please contact Natasha Gaudin by clicking here.

Beaulieu old girls – Profiles

Read about what some of our 'old girls' have been doing:

Rosemary Le Cornu (nee Morel)

Dominique Lamy and Lucy Le Cornu

Vicki Charlesworth (nee Gouedard)

Carla Benest

Helen Bennett-Jones (nee Cornish)

Collette Labey (nee Le Riche)

We would love to feature your life and achievements. Please contact Natasha Gaudin on 761281 if you would be happy to be involved.

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