Examination results 2014

Our results this summer are very good and continue the on-going success we have enjoyed in recent years.

The results our girls collect today demonstrate a great deal of hard work over a number of years, and also reflect the personal courage and determination of each student to do their absolute best. I am extremely prouda of their achievements.

As an academically non-selective school, we strive to help every child in our care reach their full potential, wherever their area of interest may lie.

Chris Beirne, Headmaster.

A Level

Despite UK media predictions of results being depressed this year, Beaulieu students’ results have reflected a similar performance to last academic year, with 77% of all A2 A Level and BTEC examinations taken being awarded A* to C grades, and some outstanding performances from individual students. The ‘value added’ score was also very positive, with girls achieving, on average, a third of a grade higher than anticipated.


A* to C grades - 74% of exams taken

A* to E grades - 100% of exams taken

A* and A grades - 23% of exams taken

A* 10%

A 13%

B 29%

C 22%

D 15%

E 11%

U 0%


Following on from Beaulieu’s strong A Level results, the School is celebrating again after its students accomplished another year of very good GCSE results.

Beaulieu achieved 100% pass rate, maintaining the positive value added score, with students consistently performing higher than their predicted grades. This is despite UK media predictions of depressed results this year.


A* to C grades - 79% of exams taken

A* to G grades - 100% of exams taken

A* to A grades - 23% of exams taken

5A* to C grades - 74.1%

5A* to C grades including English and maths – 64.2%

A* 8%

A 17%

B 27%

C 27%

D 16%

E 4%

F 1%

G 0.3%

U 0%

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