Parent Consultative Council

Beaulieu is proud if its Parent Consultative Council.

What is a Parent Consultative Council?

A Parent Consultative Council is a parents' consultative group that is run by a volunteer body of parents to represent all parents, with support from the School. A Parent Consultative Council enables parents to meet up, share ideas and feedback to the School. It also provides parents with a voice, enhancing relationships between a school and its parents and ensuring a school and its Trustees are fully aware of parents' views.

Why do we have a Parent Consultative Council at Beaulieu?

During 2011 we conducted questionnaires, seeking the views of our Trustees, staff, students and parents. A key finding from the parent questionnaire was our parents' desire for enhanced communication with the School and a closer involvement in their daughters' learning.

We see a great deal of value in involving our parents prior to making important school decisions and for this reason we developed a Parent Consultative Council. The Council provides a forum for parents to come together, share ideas and present their views to Beaulieu's Senior Management and Trustees for consideration as part of their decision making.

Parent Councils provide a way of enabling parents to have a voice at school. They also give parents the opportunity to contribute to policy making on issues important to them and to play their part in improving children's learning. Parents involved in their child's learning, and school life in general, not only enhance their own child's performance but also help to drive whole school improvements.

The Beaulieu community is at the very heart of our School and we believe parental involvement only serves to strengthen our very special community further, minimising barriers and forging lasting relationships.

Main aims of the Beaulieu Parent Consultative Council

  • To give parents a voice and gain their views prior to our Trustees' decision-making, enhancing a culture of ownership and community.
  • To provide a partnership between our Parent Consultative Council and the School in order to support and enhance our children's learning and improve our School.

Benefits of a Parent Consultative Council

For parents

  • Parents have an official forum to meet up to share views, put forward ideas to the School and our Trustees and be informed of latest developments.
  • Parents are more informed about their child's education.
  • Parents become actively involved in sharing opinions prior to Trustee decision-making, enhancing ownership.
  • Parents receive help and advice on enhancing their child's learning as well as any other issues of importance (e.g. bullying policy).
  • A Parent Consultative Council should enhance relationships and communication between staff and parents.

For students

  • Any concerns our students have can be addressed and resolved more quickly if there is positive communication between parents and staff.
  • Informed parents can support their child's learning more effectively.
  • Children whose parents are involved in their education tend to perform better.

For Beaulieu

  • A Parent Consultative Council enables the School to keep parents fully informed and allow them to have a say prior to the Trustees' decision-making.
  • It enhances Beaulieu's resources and capabilities, as parents contribute their time, knowledge and experience which complement the expertise of staff.
  • It helps the School to reach parents less engaged with Beaulieu.

Scope of responsibilities

The role of the Parent Consultative Council is consultative and advisory. Decision making and strategic leadership remains the role of the Board of Trustees.

At the request of the Chair of Trustees the Parent Consultative Council may be asked to review plans or recommendations and offer their conclusions to aid decision-making.

The Parent Consultative Council is not a forum for raising individual concerns or complaints. There are existing channels in place with Mentors and the Senior Management Team for this purpose.


Members will include:

  • The Chair of Trustees (ex officio)
  • The Headmaster (ex officio)
  • Head of Business Development and Foundation
  • Staff representatives – Deputy Head from Primary and Secondary
  • A PTA representative
  • A parent representative from every year group from Pre-School to Year 13
  • A Chair Person and Deputy Chair Person – appointed from the 14 parent representatives
  • A secretary

A minimum number of 11 members need to be present for a meeting to take place.

The term of membership to the Parent Council is one year, with elections held annually.

Vacancies that arise are filled through nominations by Council members.

Recruitment process

Each year all parents receive an email informing them about the Parent Council and asking them to register their interest in being involved in the Council.

Please contact Natasha Gaudin on 761281 if you would like more information or if you are interested in becoming a Council representative for your daughter's year group.

Once finalised each year, the full list of Parent Consultative Council members is circulated to parents, staff and students and published on our website. The full Council Committee is finalised by the beginning of November each year, with the inaugural meeting taking place at the beginning of December.


The Parent Consultative Council meet three times a year, once a term at a time and place convenient to its members. Special meetings may be called by the Chair in extraordinary circumstances.

All meetings are attended by the Chair of Trustees (or his selected representative) and the Headmaster (or his selected representative). In addition, any Trustee is permitted to attend the Parent Consultative Council meeting but prior notice must be given to the Secretary and Chair of Council.

Members may suggest items to include in the agenda by submitting them to the Secretary two weeks before the meeting. The secretary will distribute the agenda and supporting material one week before the meeting. Members will need to vote in the Chair and Vice Chair at the first meeting.