School Transport

School Buses

All students must have a Student Bus Card - the Avanchi card. These are issued by the Information Office, Liberation Bus Station in St Helier.

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Any student cycling to School must have a bicycle which is security marked and in good repair. She must wear a helmet and be in possession of a cycling proficiency qualification. Suitable clothes in school colours may be worn for cycling but the student must change into uniform immediately on arrival at School.


Students may ride a motorbike to school and park it in an allocated space in the top drive. Permission must be sought from Mr Toal (Deputy Head) to do so, and students must sign a contract. The School takes no responsibility for vehicles parked on School property and this will be entirely at the owner's risk.


Students are not permitted to bring cars to school, as there is no parking available. The parking spaces under St. Mary and St. Peter's Church are reserved for staff. If students park their car anywhere on School premises, including the upper school drive, they will receive a fixed penalty notice for £60. Parking in nearby residential areas is also not an option; in the past residents have contacted their local parish halls and asked for such vehicles to be removed.

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