Pastoral Care

At Beaulieu, we provide a caring and nurturing environment to allow all our students to flourish and we consider the pastoral care of our pupils to be of the utmost importance in this process. The well being of our students is our biggest concern and all staff members share in the responsibility of caring for our pupils.

A full induction programme has been developed for all ages at Primary and Secondary level to ensure students are comfortable with the staff, the campus and their responsibilities, and fully understand and embrace our special School ethos.

On arrival at the Secondary Department, each pupil is allocated a Mentor. These Mentors work closely with the students throughout their time at Beaulieu, growing to know them well and providing academic and personal guidance and support. Mentors and their students meet on a daily basis and Group Mentor Time provides an opportunity to cover topical issues, discuss concerns and develop new skills.

Both pastoral and mentor evenings are organised during the year to provide parents with the opportunity to discuss their child's progress and highlight any concerns. Our Head of Student Services, our Student Services Officers and our Mentors are always available for confidential discussions with both students and parents.

We understand that school life and, in particular, examination preparation can be daunting. To help reduce concerns we have developed a support programme for our students that provides guidance and tips on exam preparation and study skills, and we also provide tailored education schemes for those students with specific educational needs.

We recognise the importance of promoting the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of our students within the Catholic ethos, and of preparing them for the opportunities and responsibilities of adult life. Our programmes allow the students to explore attitudes and values, to develop and justify personal opinions and to experiment with strategies for resolving conflict.

Great emphasis is placed on the development of self-esteem, with students being encouraged to behave cooperatively and to take responsibility for their own behaviour. We aim to promote critical thinking, good communication skills through active listening and discussion, informed decision making, mutual support, assertiveness, improved organisation and time management skills.

Our thriving House system assigns each Primary and Secondary pupil and staff member to a House, providing an opportunity to bond and compete in a range of disciplines including sport, drama, music and dance. Our House system is hugely popular and fosters both team spirit and loyalty. It also provides interaction across all ages, building confidence and developing new friendships.

We also have an extremely active School Council in both Primary and Secondary, with representation from each year group. Elected by their peers, council members raise funds for chosen charities, contribute to School improvements and address issues on behalf of the student body.

We strive to ensure that every student enjoys a positive, nurturing experience at Beaulieu and we are clear in our high expectations of our pupils:

  • At all times students are expected to respond to others, their peers, staff and visitors to the School, with respect and courtesy.
  • Classroom behaviour must be calm and focused in order to contribute to a purposeful learning environment.
  • Punctuality in the morning and at lessons is demanded.
  • All students have a role to play in keeping the School clean and tidy.
  • Students are expected to behave in a way which ensures the safety of all.
  • As representatives of Beaulieu, behaviour and appearance out of School should be exemplary.

'As Teresa House Captain, I had each student looking up to me as a leader, a role model and a companion in which they could trust, and I took this seriously and have loved fulfilling each individual role. I believe as a House Captain I had the chance to show all the girls that no matter what the outcome from House events, it is truly the taking part that counts. The Teresa girls and our memorable achievements have done nothing but make me proud.'

Former Teresa House Captain, Alanagh Murray

'Being on the House team has been an incredible experience. I have had the opportunity to bond with girls from all year groups and have gained lots of new skills, such as leadership. I have made so many memories and have had an incredible time supporting our House and continuing to spread the Durrell House spirit!'

Former Durrell House Captain, Sinead Hanrahan

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