Information Technology

At Beaulieu we see ICT as an integral part of teaching and learning in the modern age - very few aspects of life do not rely on or incorporate its use.

We are careful to note that it does not replace essential life skills but appreciate that it is now one of them.

ICT is carefully integrated into all subjects and all ages so that its use becomes second nature to our students. We have pioneered the delivery of 1:1 technology, allowing students to safely use their own devices in School. This global attitude towards emerging technologies is what positions our School at the cutting edge.

Enabling our students to adapt to world trends quickly and easily has a clear effect on engagement. Successful projects across the Departments have far reaching goals. 13 year old students have succeeded in publishing albums on iTunes and managing successful social media campaigns. These examples epitomise these changing times and our ability to evolve with them.

We promise to continue to succeed in equipping our students with the variety of skills needed to adapt to a technological frontier that changes on a daily basis.

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