Art, Textiles and Photography

We are very proud of our students' achievements in Art, Textiles and Photography at Beaulieu.

Our well-equipped art, textiles and photography studios provide our students with the opportunity to experience a range of media and subjects including painting, drawing, fashion, textiles, ceramics, photography, print making and history of art.

Our thriving Art, Textiles and Photography Departments are run by Debbie Jones and Leah Holliday and a team of specialist and highly qualified teachers. Our focus in on building confidence and nurturing talent - we strive to provide every student with the opportunity to gain their maximum level of achievements, wherever their skills and interests lie.

Art and Textiles are offered at both GCSE and A Level and Photography is also offered as an A Level. We have recently broadened our A Level curriculum by introducing film making as part of our existing photography A Level. Our art based courses continue to be extremely popular and allow our students the flexibility to develop their talents in their own individual ways.

In addition to our highly stimulating curriculum we also encourage our students to take part in a range of extra-curricular activities to develop their talents and broaden their appreciation of the art world:

Beaulieu Fashion Show – We hold an annual fashion show to enable our students to showcase their achievements in textiles and fashion design and experience the process of putting together a show from start to finish. The students run the event themselves and manage the venue, lighting, make up, model management, hairdressing, staging and costume choice. Students, parents, staff and supporters are invited to attend and view their creations, many of which are exam pieces. Feedback from examiners has been highly complimentary and our examination results continue to reflect this.

We regularly exhibit our students' work at a range of venues across Jersey, including the Harbour Gallery and the Jersey Arts Centre. Students are encouraged to enter competitions to broaden their experience and we have had success in the JJ Fox competition and the CCA Internship Competition, with students' work being on display.

Design an ad winners – Each year our students enthusiastically take part in the JEP's Design An Ad competition and often our students win. Past winners include Eleanor Bouteloup and Chloe Coxshall.

Visiting artists – We are always happy to welcome visiting artists to run classes with our students. Links with the Harbour Gallery give our students the opportunity to share workshops with well-known textile artists. Sometimes they are past pupils keen share their experiences and to help to develop our existing students.

Past Pupils

We are very proud of the many achievements of our past pupils.

We have had former students Lucy Abraham and Francesca Monticelli studying at Central St Martin's College, as well as a number of students at Bournemouth and Camberwell. Recently three of our past pupils exhibited artwork from their first year at university at the Jersey Arts Centre.

One of our alumni, Sophia Morgan, studied Textiles at Central St Martin's College in London and had the following to say about her time as an Art and Textiles student at Beaulieu:

'At School Art was the only way I felt I could really express myself and document my thoughts and feelings. I was an all round student in most subjects but in Art I felt free and able to really develop my thoughts. Textiles was the most broad and satisfying subject for me. I was able to really push the boundaries and do a multi sensory installation that included music, sculpture and film because of the support and flexibility my teachers gave me. They never restricting me but gave me free reign, enabling me to do a memorial of war time photography that everyone could come and see and appreciate and reminisce over. I felt I was giving something back and wanted to evoke emotions and feelings in people.'

'Art inspired me to look at the world from a different perspective. Through the passion and enthusiasm of the Art Department, I was encouraged to express myself and grow as a person through experimenting with a variety of techniques and medias and to develop a range of skills, new concepts and ideas. I believe that art not only feeds the mind, but also the soul.'

Francesca Monticelli, Art Student

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