Beaulieu Institute of Theological Literacy

The Beaulieu Institute for Theological Literacy was launched in response to the call of the local Church in Jersey, and Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth, to place the School, with its unique position in society, at the heart of the Church’s New Evangelisation.

BITL (the Beaulieu Institute for Theological Literacy) is a centre for resourcing and exploration, rooted in the principles of Catholic education and formation. It looks to combine expert theological, philosophical and ethical pedagogy with wider research and practice in education in the context of schools, colleges and parishes. It is done in dialogue with the wider social and cultural matrices of our time.

As part of this development, we will be offering the Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies course (CCRS) from March 2018 to May 2019.

This is a UK-accredited course in Catholic theology and its application in Religious Education and Catechesis in primary and secondary schools and parishes. Often run in universities as part of Education degrees and Initial Teacher Training programmes, it is a valuable asset for all teachers and educators of any faith or none, because of its usefulness on a CV, or as an understanding of the Catholic ethos of a school, and not least of all, because it is regarded in the UK as an essential requirement these days for any teacher applying for senior management positions in Catholic education.

However, the CCRS is also a course for anyone, believer or not, who wishes to engage with some of the big issues of life and how these have been wrestled within the tradition of Catholic thinking that has been built up over the last two millennia. The believer will have his/her faith deepened; the unbeliever will be enriched by a stimulating self-immersion in world views and intellectual and affective themes that address the whole person and the meaning of our place in this cosmos, in history, in the present moment. Do we mean anything, ultimately, or are we all just bin bags of rubbish, waiting to be thrown out (except we don’t yet know the collection date!)?

The course will be delivered by experts in their field from the UK, people who have taught nationally and internationally at the heart of the Church and in secular institutions.

Please click below for a leaflet, which outlines information on costs, the modules available and the tutors involved.

BITL Leaflet

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An induction session will take place on Monday 5th March.

For further information please contact Father Paul Rowan: