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Beaulieu Secondary

We encourage students to speak out and stand up for what they believe in

Personalised learning

Moving from Primary School to Secondary School can present a substantial change, but one of the most exciting prospects of Secondary School is the range of new subjects available to study, sparking new passions, new interests and developing new talents. 

Personalised learning is a priority and we provide bespoke learning pathways to enable students to maximise learning opportunities. It is at this stage that students enjoy more independence, have the chance to meet new friends, experience new homework routines, join some wonderful clubs and take part in exciting trips. We have an extensive support network in place for all our students, providing a home from home experience where our students feel known, encouraged and cared for. 

Our Mentor system is in place to fully support our students. Our Student Services Team supports student wellbeing and each year group is allocated a full time, non-teaching Student Services Officer, available throughout the School day to offer support and guidance. Our thriving House system provides an opportunity to make friends across year groups and compete in a range of disciplines including drama, dance, music, sport, debating and quizzes. We are proud of this vibrant aspect of Beaulieu life, which not only builds confidence, but fosters team spirit, loyalty and resilience. We are confident that when our students reach the end of their GCSE journey with us, they are more than prepared to take the next big step. It’s our aim to prepare students for higher education and to enable them to play their part as confident, effective and caring members of society.

our GCSE results

'Beaulieu has supported my in-school activities and has encouraged me with my sport outside of School'

Year 9 student